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What sources of funding can I use to purchase PPE?

Sources of funding include:

  • Title 1, Part A Improving academic achievement for economically disadvantaged
  • Title 1, Part C Migrant Families
  • Title 2, Part A Professional Development - improving teacher quality
  • Title 3 ELL-ESL English language acquisition
  • Title 7 Bilingual
  • IDEA Individuals with Disabilities ACT - Special Ed
  • School Improvement Funds
  • PTA and PTO
  • Staff Development
  • One Community One Child Grant
  • CDBG Community Development Block Grant
  • Districts 501-3 (c) Foundations
  • Districts Community in Partners
  • 21st Century Grant
  • Ace Grants

How does PPE help SEAs and LEAs meet NCLB parental involvement requirements?

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What is the basic philosophy of Practical Parent Education?

Our mission is to be proactive in providing all community parents with support, parenting skills and resources in their efforts to rear responsible, self-confident, mentally healthy children who will be able to function to the best of their ability in their personal lives, their educational opportunities and as contributing members in today's complex society.

Practical Parent Education's sole agenda is to help families find their own most effective ways of functioning. Our classes do not present any religious, cultural or political platforms; rather, they present research-based information designed to help parents draw thoughtful conclusions.

What does Practical Parent Education do?

Practical Parent Education provides curriculum, training, and support for effective Parent Educators.

How long has Practical Parent Education been in existence?

Practical Parent Education began in the early 1980's in Plano, Texas at the initiative of local business professionals and school administrators. They recognized the challenges today’s families were facing and believed that the community as a whole needed to join forces to support all parents and children with quality services and education.

Can anyone be a Practical Parent Education Facilitator?

The PPE Parent Engagement Facilitation package is available to all practitioners working with families, whether individually or as part of a larger organization.

Is PPE nationwide?

Practical Parent Education has trained facilitators in 40 states, Mexico, Japan and Russia.

Who writes the Practical Parent Education curriculum?

The PPE curriculum modules are developed and written by professional parent educators with advanced class work in family studies and extensive experience in teaching parenting classes. All curricula are field-tested and refined. Spanish translations are done by native speakers.

Will I receive CEU credit for trainings or the conference?

PPE is authorized to grant continuing education units to Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Social Workers in the state of Texas, and Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) credit by the National Council on Family Relations.

How do I Purchase the PPE Program? Please click here for our "copyright" statement.

Practical Parent Education has structured its parent engagement facilitation package to maximize the services it provides to individuals and organizations who work with families. A facilitation package costs $1,000 and provides for one parent educator* to receive the training and materials needed to provide outstanding services to families in their community. An organization may purchase multiple packages should they have more than one parent educator on staff.

*Parent Educator certification is NON-TRANSFERABLE (see copyright statement above). However, if a PPE-trained Parent Educator leaves the district within one (1) year of being PPE trained, the district may transfer certification to their replacement. This is a ONE TIME ONLY benefit and PPE MUST be notified in writing within one (1) year of training, and receive approval from PPE for transfer.

Do you offer parenting classes to the public?

Practical Parent Education, LLC no longer offers parenting classes. We provide training and materials for parent educators who in turn provide this service.

For basic parenting classes in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, you can contact:

Family Services - Plano, TX
Phone: 469-752-2272

The Parent Center - Fort Worth, TX
Phone: 817-332-6348

Positive Conflict Solutions - Allen, TX
Phone: 214-926-3686

Family Outreach of East Dallas
Phone: 214-321-6292

For Divorce/Co-parenting course, you can go to our online course:

FKS link