For Kids' Sake

For Kids' Sake is a four hour research based seminar designed to give parents information and skills to reduce the negative effects of their divorce on their children. Facilitator training for For Kids' Sake prepares and licenses people to conduct the four hour seminar in their specific geographic area. In the training, they receive a Facilitator's Guide, parent handbook masters, and a license permit to use all For Kids' Sake materials, artwork and logos.

a. ALL facilitators must complete an approved For Kids' Sake training seminar.
b. It is strongly recommended a team of two presenters, one male and one female, facilitate the seminars.
c. At least one facilitator shall have a graduate degree in a mental health field (marriage and family therapy, psychology, social work, family life education, child development or related field).
d. Facilitators shall have a minimum of two years active experience in facilitating adult learners.
e. Facilitators shall have the endorsement of their local court and/or bar association.

Cost $500 for licensing and training per facilitators, and $200 per year for renewals pending favorable evaluations.

Training schedule - CLICK HERE