Masters Level Parent Engagement Training


Practical Parent Education's NEXT STEPS Program is a one-day workshop for PPE Members* who have been using PPE with their families for at least six months. During this interactive day, the facilitators will add to their initial knowledge of PPE curriculum and materials and their understanding of their families. They will celebrate their successes and address their barriers as they create a profile of their families’ assets and design the next step of their unique program. This interactive workshop is designed to guide PPE trained parent educators as they create a profile of their families' assets and design a unique program which allows parents to learn parenting skills which are comfortable to them and support their children's success in school.

Our PPE program will help you design parent involvement events at your schools which are culturally comfortable so "Parents Will Come." This plan will help your parents change some existing parenting practices in the home so the home life supports their children's learning.

The program leader will build on their experiences and continue the learning process focusing on:


*A PPE Member is a PPE-licensed facilitator who has completed the PPE Initial 2-day Parent Engagement training.