Title I Parent Engagement Solutions

Practical Parent Education answers 3 questions for your Title I program:

50+ lessons, including evaluation instruments, 160+ Parenting Quick Tips (all materials in English and Spanish) and 2 days of hands-on, interactive PPE training will give your parent involvement facilitators the practical tools they need to create and sustain an effective Parent Engagement program. The cost for all of the online materials and the training, plus one year of PPE support services is $1,000 per facilitator.

You can access the entire PPE curriculum right away online, once we receive your payment with this form. You will have 12 months to schedule your training. This arrangement allows you to use stimulus dollars during your "purchasing window" to strengthen your program but you will have time to pick your facilitators from your existing staff or from staff to be identified later. You can continue to use the support services of Practical Parent Education in the years after your initial purchase and enjoy instant online access to any updates, revisions and new material throughout the year by renewing each trained parent educator's online membership at the rate of $59 per year.

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